G.A.G.V. Pitch is the student golf association of Groningen.  Everybody that is a student at the Hanze Hogeschool or the RUG (Groningen University) can become a member. By becoming a member you can obtain your handicap 54 at cheap rates.  As a member you can play the course (9 or 18 holes) at with student discounts.  As a member you get unlimited access to the training facilities such as the driving range (indoor and outdoor and lighting after dark), the chipping green and the putting green.  With the recent addition of a full 9 hole par 3 course, which is standing so you can play qualifying rounds here too, there is plenty of options to train and improve your game. The par 3 course does require a greenfee, but a greenfee is valid the entire day, so not just for 9 or 18 holes.

There are more student golf associations throughout the country. Each of these associations hosts a “Open”, which is a big tournament for all golfing students in the Netherlands. As a member you can participate in all these tournaments and compete for the highest ranking in the overall individual standings. Our own tournament, the Pitch Open, will be held on Saturday May 26th, and is also open for non-members. You can bring your roomates, your friends from your classes, etc.. After the tournament there will be a party.

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P.S. all sport associations in Groningen require the possesion of an ACLO card. You can get one here.

Twice a year we organize an introductory lesson.  In this lesson you’ll be able to explore the sport, get to know the professional and the association. All of this to help you see if golf is something you like! Afterwards there will be a small gathering where you can enjoy a beer and meet the board members  The lesson requires a fee of 5,-.To apply, fill out the form at the bottom of the page here.

Six times a year we organize lesson courses for beginners.  Each course consists out of 5 lessons. When possible, the 4th and 5th lesson are combined to form a double lesson. In this double lesson you will practice on the course and play a few holes. For more information and applying, click here.

In the winter we organise a course of 5 lessons for more advanced golfers. The professional will set out an individual learning course for you. In the appliance form you can explain which parts of the sports you want to adress and improve. To apply, fill out the form at the bottom of the page here.

Apart from the student tournaments throughout the year, we set up a competition team to enter the National competion. This is more serious and a handicap below 36 is required. All the games will be played localy, with no more than an hour of traveling. At the moment we only have an all-mens team (mixed teams are not allowed). If you are a woman and are interested in playing in the competion, please contact the secretary via secretaris@gagv-pitch.nl. A minimum of 6 women is required to form a team for next year (2019).